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Your passphrase is the single most important piece of information you will need to access your coins and tokens, so heed the warnings stated below it! You will want to keep your passphrase in a safe and secure location that only you can access. Click here for a short video on how to create a web wallet. In this guide we explain everything you need to know to use how to buy pumpeth, the standard asset & NFT creation protocol for Dogecoin.

This makes Dogeparty an ultra-secure method for creating, storing, and transacting Dogecoin-based crypto assets or NFTs. The Runner game assets were issued by Paul Schmitzer (issuer of UMBRELLA on Counterparty). RUNNER is the Dogeparty Runner game entry token that was issued on August 15, 2014 with a total supply of 100 (indivisible token). There are eight further tokens to be used in that early token-based game. The new content regarding Dogeparty Runner is available on Medium.

The innovation of Dogeparty Runner was the integration of digital assets (game tokens) on a blockchain with virtual gameplay. The game’s tokens were fueled by Dogeparty (XDP), hence the namesake, and used mainly four (RUNNER, HINTS, CLUES, and PRIZES) in the first game. NISSANGTR was issued by Daniel Spiller in block 342,970 on August 19, 2014, and the image was attached on-chain in the issuance transaction. Dogeparty was created and launched in August of 2014. The vast majority of activity happened in the first two months. Use this to switch xchain to display data from Counterparty or Dogeparty Testnet.API.

  • For technical details of how Dogeparty works and its specifications, please read the official documentation for Counterparty, the protocol from which Dogeparty was directly ported.
  • A wayback search provides off-chain evidence that the PFP was already used in April 2014.
  • To import a Dogecoin private key, click the Address Actions menu, and select “Change Address”.

We can also see that we have no open orders for BACON. Press “Send Funds” when you are ready to proceed and then “OK” to confirm. You will then be greeted with a message that says “Your send has been broadcast to the network and should complete shortly.” Press “OK” to proceed.

Dogeparty: NFT meta-layer on top of Dogecoin (Part

Your assets will appear in the left column, under your DOGE balance (which is currently zero). The first thing you’ll want to do is locate your primary Dogewallet address. This is the Dogecoin address to which you will send DOGE to fund your wallet.

  • This makes it a highly powerful utility and a must-have for any Dogeparty user.
  • The image was changed by its creator in January 2022 with CCO material to avoid potential image rights issues.
  • Here you will see a list of Dogecoin addresses contained in your Dogewallet.
  • Little Shibe aims to build a whole DogeWorld based on various connected 2014 Dogeparty assets.
  • Dogeparty uses a very similar framework as Counterparty for Bitcoin.

To import a Dogecoin private key, click the Address Actions menu, and select “Change Address”. Then click “Options” and select “Import Private Key”. The Dogewallet Exchange looks and functions similarly to a traditional exchange except it does not rely on a central authority to hold user assets. Instead, assets are held by an automated escrow system built into the Dogeparty protocol. This makes the exchange a true DEX, or Decentralized Exchange. It is the easiest, most secure, and trustworthy way to make a trade for an asset or NFT that exists on any blockchain.

Click here for a video on how to place token orders with DOGE on the Dogewallet Exchange. Note that orders can be cancelled at any time by pressing the “x” in the red circle on the right. Click here for a video how to buy sol explanation of how to create a dispenser. Next, click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner and check the “Hide Closed” box. Then click the “DOGE Price” column title to sort by lowest price first.

Further assets

LTBCOIN was minted on August 13, 2014 (Dogecoin block 335,672) as the 10th how to buy gencoin asset with a total (unlocked) supply of 1 (divisible asset). According to Adam Levine, the asset was not minted by himself but later sent to him as a gift. The icon (see Fig.4 on the left) is the same as the one on Counterparty, which was used as a very early crypto-rewards program for the “Let’s talk Bitcoin” podcast. Hence, there is substantial off-chain evidence that the artwork was already present at mint time. This dispenser purchase process can be repeated for any Dogeparty token, including XDP, which is the platform’s “utility token” that is needed to create Named tokens and pay dividends.

First assets with historical artwork and on-chain provenance

The Exchange is a feature built into the Dogewallet that allows users to exchange any Dogeparty asset for any asset by placing an order. The most popular trading pairs on the exchange are backed by XDP which serves as the principal currency of the exchange. It is possible to also open DOGE-backed trading pairs, although this is a bit more complicated and time-consuming. Additionally, users can trade tokens they created against one another, setting buy and sell orders and creating their own, custom trading pairs.

How to Use Dogeparty: A Complete Guide

To find your address, click on the QR code icon, which is the 4th icon from the top right and select “View Address”. To create assets such as NFTs in Dogeparty, all that is required is a few DOGE. XDP is the Dogeparty utility token that is used to create a kind of asset known as Named Tokens (0.5 XDP per token). It is also used to make dividend payments (varies in cost).

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This is to make sure you are acutely aware of the consequences of this action. If you are sure that your total supply is correct, press “Lock Token Supply”. Next, confirm that you want to lock the supply by pressing “Yes”. You can view the progress of the transaction by pressing “View Transaction”. The next thing you’ll probably want to do is Lock your token supply.

While you will not lose your DOGE placing these types of orders, we do not recommend attempting to do so, for the time being. Next, enter the token name for which you want to find an active dispenser and press “Add Watchlist”. Click here for a video explanation of how to create an asset/token in the Dogewallet. If you are ready to lock the supply, right-click the token and select “Lock (Token Name) Supply”.

It also only costs 1 DOGE to place or fill an order, and it is available to anybody around the world. Double-click the address to highlight it and copy it to your clipboard, then press “Ok”. Now, go back to your default address by once again clicking the Address button, then “Change Address”, then selecting Address #1. If the display does not update, click the Balances tab or the refresh button. Next, right-click the token you want to create a dispenser for and select “Send (Token Name) to…”.

For this example, let’s say we just want to buy 5 RAREDOGECASH. We would select the second dispenser by clicking the “Buy Now” button on the right. We’re putting “5” in the Amount field because we want to buy 5 tokens. The Dogewallet also doubles as a highly-flexible token creation and management system. Furthermore, it features its own DEX, or decentralized exchange, which can be used to create markets and place orders for any pair of supported tokens.

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