Research and Development


Teaching and Research go hand in hand and success of one depends on the other.

We at KTPC R & D center believe that newer knowledge and discoveries make the world a better place to live.

"Encouragement of research for every student and faculty has been the vision of KTPC leadership"            

Improving high-quality scientific research is a necessary requirement for creating successful applications. The objective of Research & development (R&D) initiatives undertaken by Krishna Teja College of Pharmacy (KTPC) have build research careers, internationalization of human potential, support to strengthen the knowledge foundation and promote the creation of new applications, as well as societal impact of education, research and innovation. All education, research and innovation of this Institute should aim to be of a high standard. The goal of creating technological and social innovations has emerged alongside R&D-based activities.
            To achieve the high quality research ambience the following policies has been undertaken. A research development cell has been established that will prepare and implement the documents for development of research and development activities within the Institute.

Krishna Teja Pharmacy College

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